Nscaster 351 Switch De Tv Full Hd Portatil Diferentes formatos

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Available Options

Remote Camera
• Multi-Channels Input, Switch, Recording and Streaming.
• Multiple type cameras input support,SDI/HDMI/Analog Cameras, IP Cameras, iPhone/iPad Cameras, Sports Cameras, UAV aerial Cameras, etc.
• Full-Interface Input support.
• Remote Desktop for capture remote desktop by IP network. (Windows Only)
• Network Streaming support.
• Remote Connection for remote interview.
• Remote Camera support for IOS/Android device.

CG subtitles
• Support CG overlay and reomote CG publishing.
• Each CG page includes subtitles, text, image, image sequence, timer, clock and channel.
• NSCGEditor, support for two-dimensional graphics, CG materials and CG templates.
• Social media in CG: Facebook, Twitter, Sina Microblog.
• Mosaic features in CG

NSCaster control APP in IPAD
• Control the NSCaster operation by APP in ipad (or several ipads simultaneously).
• Reduce the pressure of NScaster operator during the broadcast.
• Operate by ipad can instead of using control panel

Backup streaming
• Solve the problem of Interrupt signal caused by device failure.
• Backup mobile or NSCaster automatically enable to ensure broadcast safety.

• Transmit a programme or some information by radio or television.
• Automaticly broadcast the programs regularly by customized file list.

Network Device Interface
• Make it easy to share high quality video over a local ethernet network.
• Allow a huge number of channels to be monitored and recorded all at once.

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Amazing 3D Virtual Sets
NSCaster has many built-in 2D and 3D virtual sets, you can use the NSVSEditor to modify the built-in virtual sets or create new one based on your activities.

-Support 4-camera 3D virtual sets with high quality real-time Chroma Key
-Can control the moving progress of the moving path
-Unique virtual sets overlay function

All in one design
NSCaster is a professional all-in-one full HD live production device. NSCaster device is highly intergrated and it needs only simple equipments and a few staff to quickly set up a professional studio and to produce high-quality video programs.

Rich Input/output Choices
Video Cameras:4 – SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI(NS350/351/358A)  
Web Source: 1- support for all popular formats(NS350/351/358A)
2- support for all popular formats (NS370/371)
DDR: 2 Virtual Set: 4
Common Interface:1 – SDI/HD-MI/DVI/VGA
NSCaster also supports for GoPro to perfectly stream sports games and all kinds of outdoor events alive.

Not only does NSCaster support for network video stream and video files output, but also supports for graphics cards to connect with projector and other devices directly.

Remote Connection
Remote connection is used to do remote interview, user interact, live report, etc

-First controllable remote interaction design globally
-Real-time backhaul technology of remote video signals in remote terminals
-Low latency and real-time interaction technology in the network environment

Connect in remote video source for interaction to make your live show much more alive.

Large Collection of Transition Effects
Hundreds of Cut, Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Slide, Fly, CrossZoom, FlyRotate, Cube and CubeZoom transitions available.

You can create custom transition effect with the VJEffectEditor, and export the transition effect into NSCaster.

More Fascinating Functions Waiting for You.
• PC Desktop Capture
• Built-in Audio Mixer
• Multi View
• Simultaneous Recording, Streaming and Output
• Slow Motion Replay
• Video Delay

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